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9. Januar 2019
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Repair LINN 9000 Vintage Drum Computer Reparatur

Repair LINN 9000 Vintage Drum Computer Drum Machine

Repair LINN 9000 Vintage Drum Computer Drum Machine

Description coming soon…

A LINN 9000 drum machine / computer is such a nice piece of gear. But it´s also kind of complex. Especially, when you have the Forat modification installed, like in this one here. Usually the LINN9000 has 18 drum sounds, but you can load 4 individual sounds into 4 pads by sampling or by disc. But never more. With the forat mod you can load sounds into any of the 18 pads and they will stay there, even when the unit was switched off and on again. The samples can be pitched, recorded into a sequencer, edited etc. And the sound is such fantastic vintage vibe, I like!

This LINN 9000 was given to me in a bad-working condition. Also, the disc drive was missing. The display sometimes faded away. Sounds horrible. Power supply has been replaced before to a SMPS, so that was ok. Batteries were also ok.

What I found and what I did, roughly, more details later…:

1. Due to the Forat mod, transport, discharged batteries, whatever, the sounds stored in the PADs ware scrambled. I deleted them, cleared memory and could load a sound into one PAD. That`s good, because then you know a lot of the LINN is/was working.

2. The reset circuit was faulty. That causes the LINN to crash down, start over, or not start correct.

3. Not all instruments were playing due to a damaged ribbon cable.

4. Display ribbon cable was also damaged.

5. Some ICs on the mainboard were faulty.

6. Disc Drive replaced by a HxC