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About Me

I am artist, producer, sound designer, label owner and synthrepair tech. I formed several acts such as Pergon, Acrid Abeyance, Unknown Structure, Exit EEE, Mono Culture making worldwide appearances at the Love Parade, Tribal Gathering (UK) and Nature One (e.g.). Various productions and recordings has been released on Important Records (Labelmanager), Harthouse, Twisted, XL Recordings and Finger Lickin´ among others. Although I have never counted them, I must have a few hundred releases under my belt to date, including several international chart entries plus roughly the same amount of remixes for acts such as Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Oliver Cheatham, Ayumi Hamasaki , Scatman John, Safri Duo, Sash, Future Breeze, Corvin Dalek , Harry "Choo Choo" Romero , Who Da Funk , Robert Armani , Armand van Helden, or Green Velvet (just to name a few;).

In 2003 I founded Mutekki, later named Mutekki Media together with Oliver Klein. I have released several records under my own name Jürgen Driessen, signed by internationally respected labels such as Mutekki, BluFin,Hook Recordings, Maelstrom, NEWS and Stik, as well as various remixes for highly acclaimed labels such as Hooj Choons, Alphabet City. In 2012 I founded Inspire Audio, a website where DJs and producers can find authentic sample packs for their own productions. PlusMinus Recordings is the label, where I release some of my new music from time to time. Since 2011 I am sound designer and beta tester for Waldorf, Ableton, Native Instruments (e.g.). In 2014 I founded Systematic Sounds together with my friend Marc Romboy. And last but not least I am still writing this biography…


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Jürgen Driessen
Cruthovener Str. 9a
D-40231 Düsseldorf

info [at] driessen-music [.] de
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