I am specialised in (vintage) synthesizer and drum computer restoration. Due to my ongoing restoration orders I´m constantly learning how to fix rare or complex models, even if the diversity of possible faults is not to underestimate. I have the equipment needed to perform complex diagnostics, microscopic soldering procedures and repair techniques. I know that you care very much about your instruments and I endeavour to provide a fully transparent repair process giving personal updates along the way.


You have a weak or distorted output on your Roland JP8000 or JP8080? Your audio out is dead silent? These are known issues and cannot be solved with a simple "reset". There is a component that needs to be replaced. I can do this for you. I will replace it with a modern high quality that will last for the next decades.

Synthesizer Reparatur Service Driessen in Düsseldorf

Gerne könnt Ihr Euren Synthesizer oder Drum Computer von mir restaurieren und auch reparieren lassen.

Kontaktiert mich hierzu einfach unter:

Mein Stundensatz beträgt 60€ zzgl. MwSt.

Aufgrund des hohen Reparatur-Aufkommens beträgt die Wartezeit derzeit ca. 12 Wochen.

Kleinere Geräte können auf dem Versandweg an mich geschickt werden. Größere, wertvollere Geräte oder Synthesizer, wenn möglich, bitte persönlich abgeben – für beides ist eine vorherige individuelle Terminabsprache unbedingt erforderlich!

Reparaturen können hier mitverfolgt werden: instagram.com/jurgendriessen

You are welcome to have your synthesizer or drum computer restored and repaired by me.

Just contact me at:

My hourly rate is € 60 plus VAT.

Due to the high repair volume, the waiting time is currently around 12 weeks.

Smaller devices can be sent to me by mail. Larger, more valuable devices or synthesizers, if possible, please hand in personally - for both a prior individual appointment is absolutely necessary!

Repairs can be tracked here: instagram.com/jurgendriessen