The story about my sound design business

I have been a sound designer and product tester for Waldorf music since 2008. The Blofeld was the first synthesizer that I tested as a beta version and for which I created my own Techno House sound set ( I also tested the Pulse2 beta and my sounds are included in the factory sound set. I also produced an official product video for Pulse2 (YouTube) and the Rocket (YouTube). Followed by the 2-pole filter, NW-1, KB37, Quantum, Iridium and Kyra (Beta + Sounds).
In 2003 I founded Mutekki, later named Mutekki Media together with Oliver Klein. We released quite a few great samples packs and also created sounds for Native Instruments machine.
Later in 2012 I founded Inspire Audio, a website where DJs and producers can find authentic sample packs for their own productions.
In 2014 I founded Systematic Sounds together with my friend and partner Marc Romboy.