Repair WASP Filter Clone D.I.Y.

Repair Pioneer RMX-1000 (1)
24. Mai 2018
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Repair WASP Filter Clone D.I.Y.

My friend Robert Babicz gave me this mysterious wooden box asking for repair. Condition was non working, partially damaged. As I open it up I thought (nooooooooo wayyyy). If thats the case most repair people refuse a repair, cause such is a mess and usually very time consuming. This was, what I call, do-it-yourself. In my mind d.i.y. (short form of do-it-yourself) is, build something with the parts you have in stock. In this case it meant: even a single wire was soldered together by different pieces of different length. All pcbs were self made. No earth, safety grounding. I have no idea, why so many people do that.

The box consists of an phaser module, an LFO, a WASP filter clone and a fuzz module. All can be flexible connected to each other or to a modern Eurorack.

Since there weren´t any connectors inside the 1st thing I had to do was to extend most wires so that I had a chance to disassemble and document the whole thing.

More to come soon…