Repair Akai S612 Sampler & MD280 Quickdisk Drive
17. Oktober 2017
Repair Solton SM-100 Synthesizer
31. Januar 2018
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D.I.Y. Midibox SID C64

Long time ago I wanted a SID station for my studio, since I my Commodore C64 was my first music station ever. But a SID station was rare, expensive and not very good designed. Later, Thorsten Klose designed a fantastic SID station out of an old C64. He shared his project on his website, so I started to build this. Very quickly I had soldered everything together, working but since I just had the PCBs but no case at this point and spare time this was laying around for some time. One day, my friend and DJ Marc Romboy asked me, if I have such SID for a gig he has in Mönchengladbach. I said, „half way done“. I put everything together with a front panel into an old C64 case and, well he could use it for his production and later for the live gig. This thing really sound amazing and it makes a lot of fun having simultaniously access to all the parameters. Well done Thorsten and thank you for sharing this. Here’s my project so far…